Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 - 200! The End!

What:  size 7.5 white strappy platform sandals
From:  Valerie Stevens (Hechts)
Purchased:  late July 1999
Cost:  $40

Y'all, you aren't going to believe this, but this is IT!  My 200th and final pair of shoes!  I had no idea it would end exactly on 200 (and initially I was going to count my slippers, since they take up room, too, and I have two more pairs, but I am DONE with this).

I decided a couple of months ago I would end on these, because I knew I'd never wear them.  These are the shoes I wore at my wedding!  And they are dang uncomfortable.  I really wanted something snazzy, and I did not want a standard wedding shoe from a wedding salon, so I spent the summer checking out shoes and just never found anything that I really, really wanted.  It's actually hard to find all white shoes - they all too often have a brown heel, or just something that makes them unworkable.  So I settled on these, and I did like them, even though it's not a great brand.  For 1999, these were snazzy - a high heel, a platform, all those straps.  But with my wide feet, those straps at the toes were just really, really not comfy at all.  I put them on again this morning and limped around - there's no way these are ever going on my feet.

So, even though I am totally sentimental, I decided on my own with no input from anyone that these were going to be discarded.  I know, I can't believe it myself.  But they're not that special (Hecht's store brand), and terribly uncomfortable, and even though they look a little modern with the straps and the platform, they elastic straps are already stiff and losing elasticity, and the heel is really clunky.  I am, with a great deal of fondness, going to gracefully let them go.

Bottom line:  discard!

So yeah - shoe-maggeddon.  I'll do a tally for April, then the grand tally. Give my another day or two.   I'm over all pleased, and I can hint I hit my discard total.

April 11 - red patent!

What:  size 7.5 red patent peep toe platform slingbacks
From:  AK Anne Klein (Lord&Taylor)
Purchased:  summer '07
Cost:  $40

Can't believe I didn't find way to wear these this past summer, but high heel red patent platform slingbacks aren't exactly my lifestyle right now, you know?  Oh, I do love these shoes, though.  These are the ones that started me on my AK Anne Klein kick, and later that same year I bought a pair of very similar but slightly different brick red patent slingback peep toes.  I grabbed these off the clearance racks and tried them on almost as a lark, and was surprised at how well they fit.  Love at first try on. 

But look!  City living is hard on heels.  One wrong step into a grate or coming off a curb and you get a little heel tear.  Sob!  This one isn't that terrible, but it certainly takes  away a little from the shoe.  I have never tried, so I wonder if that can be repaired, or if there is a way to prevent it from happening.  Oh well.  I need to learn to happily wear my shoes out and about in the city, and then gracefully let them go when it is time.  It's not time for these, yet, though!

Shoe-maggeddon has caused me to covet some new shoes, though, and I have my eye on several pairs of AK Anne Kleins for this summer, but with a much lower heel.  We'll see if I can score some good prices!  

Bottom line:  Keeper! 

April 10 - more flip flops

What:  size 8 pink/green flip flops
From:  ??  there's no label and I am drawing a blank
Purchased:  mid 00s
Cost:  ?? unknown.  Guessing $15

Found this one at the bottom of my closet, still seeking the left shoe.  So I have orange flips flops that are (or were) perfect - slight wedge heel, comfy wide straps.  I have worn the hell out of those flip flops and they are in danger of falling apart.  And ever since buying them, I've been seeking a replacement pair, with little luck.  The purple ones are too high.  These are super cute, and the heel and platform heights are just right, with a cork bottom for extra support.  The straps, though, are NOT comfy - so narrow they really cut into your feet.  And then I refuse to pay more than $15 for flip flops, so I pass up flops that might actually work and get worn.  I should throw them all out and start all over.  Hmm, did I do that during shoe-maggeddon?  Stay tuned to find out!

This is shoe 198, y'all!  

Bottom line:  keeper, for now

April 9 - white/cream? slingbacks

What:  size 8 white/cream slingbacks with bow
From:  Talbots (outlet)
Purchased:  early 00s
Cost:  $15

Huh, I thought these were a match to my pink slingbacks, but they're not.  I am pretty sure I got these earlier, and I sort of remember my friend Kdot was on the shopping excursion with me, which means it might even be very early 00s.   I've had them a long time and they've never been worn.  They were on the "as is" racks at the talbots clearance store, because there is a tiny rip in one slingback strap.  The rip is negligible, and I thought they'd be a good shoe to have on hand.  But I just rarely wear white/cream.  Are these white or are they cream?  I don't even know, I guess a very light cream.  Eh, I'll employ the same logic I used when I bought them - you can't go wrong with a solid pair of cream shoes in your wardrobe.  I guess. 

Bottom line:  keeper

April 8 - forgotten slingbacks

What:  size 8 black embossed leather slingbacks with gold detail
From:  Talbots (outlet)
Purchased:  Huh.  mid 00s
Cost:  Another huh.  Let's guess $25

OK, yes, Shoe-maggeddon  happened on April 8th!  TSM came over and the carnage began.  It was harder work than I anticipated.  But it was good.  BUT!  I want to really finish going through them all before talking about the big discard.  So bear with me a few more days.

Anyway when we cleaned out the shoes from the shoe wardrobe, these had fallen down behind some other shoes.  I had totally forgotten about them, which means I also don't remember much about them.  But they are cute and functional and so they will stay.

Bottom line: keeper!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7 - teal sneaks

What:  size 8 turquoise slip on sneakers
From:  Talbots in Providence, RI
Purchased:  summer 2003
Cost:  $14

Another pair never worn stuffed in the bottom of my closet.  I was at a work meeting in Providence, and our hotel was connected to a mall, and right by the entrance of the mall was a Talbots!  So I snagged these, along with a short sleeve shirt with thin, vertical, black, green, and turquoise stripes (like pinstripes, I guess).  I don't know why I've never worn these.  I think I was originally going to return them, as I really do need a shoe with some support, and then maybe I couldn't find the receipt, or who knows, but they've just lingered.  I like the color, and I could get some wear out of them in spring/summer.  Also, like another pair I recently showed, once you wear these a time or two the wear will really show, so I've probably been "saving" them.  No more saving!  For Pete's sake, they were $14, I can certainly wear them a season or two and toss them!

Bottom line:  keeper! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6 - the brown clod hoppers

What:  size 7.5 W brown suede, um, loafers?  lace ups?  I think this is the first time I've ever been stymied in describing shoes!
From:  Naturalizer (outlet)
Purchased:  '03?  '05?
Cost:  $18 - guess

Cleaned out the bottom of my closet (ugh!) and there weren't as many hidden there as I feared - only two pairs (actually one pair plus a stray left flip flop, so wondering where the right one is).  I had totally forgotten about these.  I guess you could say they are the brown version of my black clodhoppers!  But I can't remember which I got first, or when I got these.  I kinda think after the black ones, but then again I kinda think I wore them on casual Fridays at SW, which would be before.  So no real idea.  These again fall into the so ugly they are actually cool category (at least to me).  That sole!  The lacing!  They look like dorky 70s shoes you were forced to wear to elementary school when every other girl was wearing delicate sandals.  Despite that, I have some level of fondness for them.  They are a little small - I put them on with a struggle, but they do fit. 

I have on my default Lands End pink trekkers (with jeans, a t, and simple blue sweater), but I could probably put these on and wear them out this afternoon.  I should do that, if I am going to insist on keeping them.  OK, I am wearing them this afternoon. 

Bottom line:  keeper!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5 - super frustrating pumps

What:  size 7.5 loafer-style red and taupe suede pumps with bow
From: Franco Sarto (purchased online from SmartBargains.com 
Purchased:  '04-'06
Cost:  $30

Oh, these shoes annoy me.  Why in the world did I think 7.5s were a good idea purchased online without trying them on?  You guessed it - too tight.  I stalked these and the black suede ones and got both in 7.5.  And I don't know why I didn't try to return them.  The ever-present hope that the next time I put them on they'll actually fit?  I'm also a sucker for red/brown combos

I marched around with these today and they are tight.  Are they too tight?  I got rid of the black ones (which were really, really tight).  I have this unreasonable hope that suede shoes can be stretched.  Bah.  I can't admit the error of this purchase, too.  They are cute. 

Bottom line:  keeper - will take them to be stretched next fall and we'll see if there's any hope

April 4 - sometime I have no reason - brown pumps

What:  size 7.5 brown leather loafer-style pumps with platform and buckle
From:  Talbots
Purchased:  '07, maybe '08
Cost:  the box says $39, but I think they it was a 25% off sale, so $30

Sometime I cannot say why I bought a pair of shoes.  I really don't get these.  I have been trying to expand my wardrobe in brown, so maybe I felt I needed more brown.  And these are kinda cool with the platform, and I am a sucker for sales.  But still - I really shouldn't have them.  They are too tight - it looks like I've worn them once, and I don't remember them being terribly uncomfortable, but these are tight.  I do always complain I don't have dark brown shoes, so I guess these fill a niche and if I ever start wearing a lot of brown trousers I will be glad to have them.  I guess. 

Bottom line:  keeper, for now

April 3 - really can't resist a bargain

What:  size 8 black leather kitten heeled mules
From:  Talbots (outlet)
Purchased:  early 00s
Cost: cheap.  Tag says $30, but I distinctly recall they were so cheap I could not pass them up - at least 50% off, maybe 60%, maybe 75%.  We'll say $15 since I can't remember.

 Oh for Pete's sake, I have TWO of them!  They had to have been cheaper than $15.  I bet $12.  But anyway, guess what, another pair never worn.  I really have no explanation, other than inability to pass up a bargain. Well, they're not really a bargain if I never wear them, now are they?

Bottom line:  keeper, I guess

April 2 - can't resist a bargain

What:  size 8 nude mules with kitten heel
From:  Talbots (outlet)
Purchased:  early 00s?
Cost:  cheap.  Box says $30, but I distinctly recall they were so cheap I could not pass them up - at least 50% off, maybe 60%, maybe 75%.  We'll say $15 since I can't remember. 

Another in the never worn category, which drives me crazy.  These were so cheap I snapped them up, but honestly.  I never wore nude shoes in the 00s, I have no idea what I thought I'd wear them with, and they've been in that box for a long, long time.  I do like mules, though they seem to have gone completely out of style.  And they do have a nice low heel, and the footbed in nicely padded.  Sigh, oh well, perhaps I can find a way to wear them.  (Seriously, why is there no resale market for unworn shoes?  I should really think more about ebay). 

Bottom line:  keeper, I guess

April 1 - glen plaid

What:  size 8 glen plaid/black leather mini-t straps
From:  Talbots
Purchased:  mid 90s
Cost:  $39

Another pair of shoes that make me smile!  And another for the history books, too - this is the very first pair of shoes I ever bought from Talbots, and when I got them I considered them super special and only for fancy/formal work occasions.  I loved them.  But, when I was working at SW, we used to work with a woman based in another city.  Every single time we saw this woman - every time - she was wearing a glen plain jacket.  Every time.  We only saw her in work situations, and usually just one day at a time, but it became a little joke among us, and so since I only wore these shoes in work meetings, there was no way I could wear them with our own little insider glen plaid joke hanging out there, so they've barely gotten any wear the past ten years.  I don't know why I didn't pull them out after leaving SW in 2004, perhaps it was too ingrained.  I actually really like glen plaid, and all these years later perhaps I can resurrect it.  The heels are a little bit chunky, but these could still work today.  There's a bit of wear on the front of one, but not terribly so. 

Bottom line:  keeper!