Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 18 - party slip ons

What: Size 8W beaded mules
From: Naturalizer (outlet)
Purchased: December 03 or 04 - maybe 06? Not sure but it was a Christmas we were in Florida
Cost: $10

I have a very stylish friend who I shop with on occasion. One time, she found a cool pair of beaded deep red mules that she declared would be perfect as hostess shoes for an upcoming New Year's Eve family dinner she was hosting. Doesn't that sound glamorous? So when I found these at the Naturalizer outlet for only $10, I thought, aha! My very own hostess slippers! Not quite as fancy as my friend's, but still nice. I've worn them a few times, and intended to wear them for our holiday open house on the 18th, but my cozy slippers were far too comfortable. But these are still perfectly good shoes.

Bottom line: keeper

December 18 - slippers

What: light blue size 8 velour slippers
From: charter club
Purchased: Christmas gift in 2005 or 06
Cost: gift!

Slippers count as shoes, right? Well, as often as I wear them. I have 2 pairs of cozy slippers, but I'm not sure where the older ones are right now. Shoved someplace deep in my closet, I suspect. I got these as a present a few years ago and didn't wear them since I had slippers I really liked. But I busted these out last winter.

We had a holiday open house on the 18th, and I had these on doing prep work and they were so comfy I just left them on for the party. But I disappointed a few of my shoe fans. So later I put on my party shoes, but they didn't last long before I went back to the slippers.

Bottom line: keeper

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 10 - t-straps

What: Size 8 t-strap pumps with 2.5 inch heels
From: Naturalizer (outlet)
Purchased: mid 90s, '96 or '97
Cost: can't remember, but those clearance racks at Naturalizer outlet have been very, very good to me over the years, so I will make an educated guess at $18

Oh I have had and loved these shoes a long time. I just like the old fashioned look to them. My favorite outfit to wear with them is a teal suit, with a long slim skirt and color blocked jacket. I also wore them to Elizabeth's baptism with a black sweater set and black patterned skirt.

Sadly, they have become quite worn, and the heel on one has come completely off.
So they'd need some repair. But they are really comfortable. But, in a fashion sense, nude hose have really become a fashion don't over the past few years, and you really have to wear hose with these. And they are quite worn. But I can't give them up just yet.

Bottom line: repair pile

*edited to add:  discarded, because I later bought a new pair of t-straps as a replacement.  Farewell, old friends!  

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 9 - more mary janes

What: Size 8 black fabric square toe mary janes with 2.5 inch heel
From: Bandolino (likely Lord and Taylor)
Purchased: early 00s
Cost: Not sure, but making an educated guess they were around $35

I love Mary Janes. There's just something cute but school-girl-ish about them that appeals to me. I have more than a fair number, I'm going to have to admit. I used to wear these all the time, with tights, a pleated skirt, white shirt, and gray sweater vest.

And when I say all the time, I mean all the time. The right shoe has wear on the inside heel, and the bottoms are quite worn.

Not ready to give them up, but the wear is definitely worrisome. They don't have much time left, but I will treasure what little time we still have together!

Bottom line: Keeper

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 8 - I love shoes that make me happy

What: size 8 purple suede mary janes with a 2.75 inch heel
From: Franco Sarto (purchased online from Amazon)
Purchased: March 10, 2010
Cost: $35.50

So, I just spent 15 minutes going back through my purchase histories to discover the exact date and cost of these shoes. These are one of the two pairs of Franco Sarto shoes I stalked all last winter before finally buying. Astute readers may remember that I gave up shopping for Lent, allowing myself two exceptions - those two pairs of shoes. I though I had made it through Lent without buying anything, but amazon records don't lie. Bought these right smack in the middle of Lent. But I had planned for the purchase, so I don't feel badly. Plus, look at them!

Imagine looking down and seeing cute purple peek out from your pants. Love. Call me shallow, but I don't care. It makes me happy.

I wore these with trouser jeans, a purple t, and an animal print sweater, pictured above. I actually do not wear much animal print as I am never quite sure I am wearing it right, so the animal print sweater was going out on a limb for me. I was stymied by what the animal print actually was, however. But luckily, E's stuffed animal collection clarified it for me: snow leopard! I think.

Bottom line: oh, totally a keeper. Love these. When I am stressed all I have to do is think of thee and I feel calmer. Seriously.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 3 - another low heel black pump

What: Size 7.5 black patent 1.5 inch heel pumps with stitching and bow
From: Unisa (Lord and Taylor)
Purchased: '05-'07 or so
Cost: $25

When I unearthed these shoes, I realized I have been on a low heel black pump quest for years, and it's still unfulfilled. I have those basic blah pumps, another boring pair, and more slingbacks and mules and other black shoes than I can count. Well, I am counting them, but I'm not done yet and haven't fully labeled all my posts. Black shoes are a staple. The problem is, I don't have a perfect pair of black low heel shoes yet. Believe it or not. Low heel for everyday wear/walking is the key - something stylish with about a 2 inch heel that can be worn multiple ways with multiple outfits. I'm pretty good for summer sandals, though most of them are fairly old and so I need to start thinking about the next sandals I get. For fall/winter/spring, these are pretty close. They are fairly stylish. The patent limits their use a bit, plus the stitching. But these are pretty good shoes. I actually thought they were uncomfortable (so I rarely wore them) but they proved their worth.

Bottom line: keeper

Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2 - so I keep these too, I guess

What: size 7 duck shoes
From: who knows
Purchased: ~1986
Cost: free to me

I've had these shoes since high school. My friends at college, especially Kdot, used to laugh at me when I wore them. Because my foot is wide, and these are size 7, Kdot would say these made my foot look absurdly small, while simultaneously making my foot appear as wide as it is long.

I continued to wear them anyway.

They've been in the closet in E's room for years. I've been convinced for years they were too small, but couldn't bear to part with them because they made me smile. (My tendency to imbue objects with memories disturbs me.) I think my mom has said she'll take them on a couple of occasions, but they've remained. December 2 was a nice day, after two crappy days, but I pulled these out, thinking they'd go in the discard pile and I could wear my grey boots. I did wear my grey boots, but surprisingly, wearing thin trouser socks, these things actually fit. Well, that settles that, then. There's no way I can get rid of shoes that make me smile if they actually still fit. Whether I'll wear them much remains to be seen. Actually I did wear them for years, and the bottom tread is really wearing, so they don't have much life left. But a lot of smiles.

Bottom line: I am pathetically weak and destined for a life of hoarding, or perhaps death by falling shoe stacks, but these stay

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 1 - cold and rainy needs bright red shoes

What: shiny red size 8 rain shoes
From: chillmark
Purchased: Hmmm. Can't remember. A while ago. Late 90s?
Cost: no idea. I do know I wouldn't have spent more than $20, so we'll go with that, though I bet it was cheaper

December 1 was a gray, rainy, pretty crappy day, so I pulled these out. I actually thought they no longer fit (so why do I keep shoes for years and years that don't fit and i never wear? Who knows?) but they turned out to be kinda comfy. I think my orthotics don't fit in them, so I stopped wearing them, but just for a short rainy jaunt they were perfectly fine to wear. Good to know, I'll keep them and maybe they'll get a ltitle bit of wear.

Bottom line: keeper