Friday, May 20, 2011

April - and grand - tally

Friends, I'm finally wrapping up these shoe posts.  I've been putting it off forever, but I have to tally up the shoes from April, document shoe-maggedon, and, um, also perhaps tell you about the two new pairs I've acquired!  So for today, just the April tally.
  In the month of April, I wore/examined 12 pairs of shoes from my collection, at an estimated total cost of $296, or average cost of $24.66.  Of those, I am keeping 11. 1 was discarded.

So, from June 1-April 12 is 316 days.

I have shown you 200 pairs of my shoes. I am keeping 169 (!) (on the fence about 11 of those, though I think I gave my mom one of those 11, I need to go back and check), trashing 4, donating 27.

So keeping 169 and getting rid of 31 is a cull rate of 16% (My initial goal, before I knew I owned 200 pairs, was 20%, which means shoe-maggedon was necessary).

And, I estimate that over the past 17 years or so I've spent $5,665.50 on shoes, or an average cost of $28.33 per shoe, or roughly $333/year on my little hobby.

So - SHOE-MAGGEDON!  My friend TSM came over on April 8th and we sorted through the entire stack of shoes.  We allotted 4 hours for the exercise, and you know what:  It wasn't enough time! 

How many pairs of shoes do you think I own now?  If I was down to 169 pairs pre-TSM's influence, how many do you think I now own?  How many more do you think I discarded?