Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6 - bronze

What: Size 8.5, 3.25 inch bronze leather t-strap sandals
From: Talbots (outlet)
Purchased: late summer '08
Cost: $30

To keep up this shoe challenge, I've got to get through more of the heels, even if it is 100 degrees out and I need to walk to Target. These are actually super comfortable, and when I had a job in an office I used to do a lot of walking in heels. I'm a little out of practice.

We had drinks with KG the other night and we talked shoes and blogging. She told us she had just done a shoe sort and she has 78 pairs of summer shoes, but she's not sure how many other pairs she has. My guess going into this was I had more winter shoes than summer shoes, but I have bought a fair number of low heels or flats these past few years of motherhood plus working from home, so I might have more sandals now. We shall see, right, until I get bored with this challenge.

Anyway, I love metallic shoes, especially bronze. My first pair of bronze shoes were woven leather mules. I think I still have them in the attic, though my sister may have made me get rid of them in the great closet cleaning of '08.

Funny story about these shoes: So I bought them at the Talbots outlet, along with another pair of the same shoe but in silver (yes, true). I walked out with a big bag of stuff (yes, I was pregnant, and no, they don't sell maternity clothes - this is about shoes, not clothes, and this was the time period they were closing their kids and mens stores so I was also buying for E and R). Given it was the outlet and stuff was off season, the bag sat in a corner of our room for about a month before I unpacked it. shoes. What? I could not figure out where the two pairs of cheap but still a fair amount of money for both shoes had gotten to. So I went back to the outlet, and at the check out said, um, is it possible I left a bag of shoes here? And sure enough, they had my bag of two shoes stashed under the counter. Apparently not an unusual occurence. They told me after a month they usually just put the items back on the floor to be resold, so I made it just in time to reclaim my shoes. I think I could write a book just about things that have happened to me at the Talbots outlet store.

The other thing I remember about these shoes is my sister, whose feet are at least a size bigger than mine, wore these out one night. So they are definitely loose and comfortable. Love them.

Bottom line: keeper

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