Sunday, November 3, 2013


I'm writing this on Monday, having had no blogging time on Sunday.  (And eventually there will be a picture but my plan of using drobox is backfiring when Dropbox won't work properly!).

Sunday night I was mulling over AwwwClutter and thinking I need some sort of theme or goal for November.  Is this about problem areas?  I could easily just wander around and take pictures of all the clutter in the house but that doesn't actually get me anything.  And then there's still shoes, do I want to touch on my shoes at all?  Should I pick an arbitrary # of things to discard by a specific time?

Im still undecided, but as I was leaving Elizabeth's room last night (one of the top problem areas, without a doubt) I spied a toy that was broken and palmed it.  She called me back into the room and I thought she had seen my grab, but she just wanted another kiss.  So I was able to bury it in the trash in my room.  It's a small solar powered plastic thing that was a flower - under light, the flower sways back and forth.  Andrew has one, too, in his window, but Elizabeth managed to break off the flower.  So it doesn't actually do anything.  And now it is in the trash, hooray!

Of course I did spend a minute wondering if I should get a replacement but nope.  It's gone and she will never know.

So that's one thing gone.  Maybe that is the best goal - decluttering at its most basic.  Just counting things out of the house.  I need a target goal - any ideas?  50?  More?  One a day, so 30?  Any ideas?

Declutter 2013
Day: 3
Items gone: 1
Goal:  ?? 


mom said...

I have a better, and easy one! How about 2 per day, goal 60. 2 per day is not too much and 60 is a good number.

Now, you would have to make up for the days that have past and nothing has gone to the trash.

Herself said...

One a day is good. I've been doing it all year. Now I don't think twice when I pick up a rubber band or a broken toy or dare I say it broken shoes.

Laurie said...

I'd say smart small and shoot for 1-2. There is something called the '20 mile march' - essentially slow and steady will get you there more reliably that sprints and unrealistic goals. Go Susan!