Saturday, November 2, 2013

My problem area

This changing table is going to be a pain. Hence why it's been sitting in the dining room unused except as collecting area for the past two years. Before I even photograph it to sell online I have to clean it off, finding new living spaces fora bunch of random things. 

It's the resting place for Elizabeth's hair stuff. Not sure where on the main level we can keep it for the morning brushing. Hmm.  Maybe in the wine bar?  That way it's behind a closed door. There's also the Christmas cards from last year I didn't send out. Sigh. Also on top is a stack of papers from camps this summer, waiting to be sorted and a few key ones saved. 

Then there's four drawers on the left. Half are filled with stuff that we needed a place to stash - CDs, papers, random bits of this and that. The bottom drawers have some baby blankets and other random baby gear. 

And behind the door?  Our ironing equipment - where will that go? Plus more random baby stuff, plus two diaper bags. Tired to sell the diaper bags at the last co-op sale, but they didn't sell, so I can stash them with other to-be-sold stuff (overflowing in its own right) and try to sell in the spring. 

Ugh.  This is a project and a half, because after cleaning it out I need to photograph it and put online and deal with selling it. But the (I hope) $100 we'll get will make it worthwhile, right?


Thrift Store Mama said...

The $100 you make will definitely be worth it. I struggle with where to put the 1st floor hair stuff too - we also need a place to stash lip balm, hand lotion, and sunglasses near the front door.

Could some of this stuff go on the table thing you have in the front hall ?

AwwwTrouble said...

The problem with our hair stuff is that some of it is vertical - the brush and comb could easily go in a drawer. But not sure about the gel (that could probably be on its side - with Elizabeth's flyways I sometimes put a dob of gel in when she has a pony tail). The detangling spray really should stay vertical, though. Or maybe it would be fine on its side.

AlL sunglasses go in a drawer in the table.

mom said...

I know this is against the rules, but it looks like a nice piece that you could use as a dresser in a bedroom or in the kitchen to put plates and kitchen stuff. I am probably not helping with the cause!

Laurie said...

we have the same issue with hair stuff. I end up carrying it up and down the stairs in the morning. Not ideal.