Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A start

Well, I've gotten one stack of papers thrown out. I am actually looking for something Elizabeth wrote to put on awwwtrouble, so started on the papers on top of the changing table. Didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find about half on there could be discarded. I guess my inch high stack only counts as one thing, though.

Declutter 2013:
Day: 5
Items gone: 2
Goal: still undecided


Thrift Store Mama said...

Oh.my.god. THE FREAKING PAPERS !!! Good for you. I cannot even believe how much paper we have in our house.

Herself said...

My rule: Touch paper only once.
Do I obey my rule? Not always possible but it's a LOT better than it was last year.

Laurie said...

On top of the changing table? Who's using the changing table?

I like the "touch it once" rule of thought. I try that but still get behind sometimes. When my piles start getting high I try to enforce "for every new thing that comes in the house, something has to go out of the house."