Saturday, November 9, 2013

a small stack

Ok, went over the top of the changing table.

I found a place for hair stuff - a couple of weeks ago I bought an over door CD/DVD holder, and it's not full, so put the hair stuff in a little plastic bin on one of the bottom shelves.  So that's handled, sort of.  Still not sure where to keep the iron.  

But off the top of the changing table, I did manage to clear a bunch.  

From the left, that's a piece of cardboard, a nice ribbon, a stained yellow tank top that is not mine, a sticker, a CD that we've never listened to that was a toy inside some sort of happy meal, a stick that has been in the house for about two weeks, and under it all there is a super cute pillow cover that is stained, and the stain won't come out despite repeated treatments.  

The only bad thing is I put mod tot this in the trash, but then took it out to photograph it.  And I couldn't part with the cute ribbon.  Sigh.   So 6 things total today.  

Declutter 2013:
Day: 8
Items gone: 10!
Goal: still undecided

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